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PyTorch Project Template Permalink

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Deep Learning projects sometimes look messy and don’t follow a certain structure. People get into the problem and compete over getting good results. Usually, given the nature of the task, we don’t get the time to think much about the project structure or the code modularity. After working with different deep learning projects and facing problems with files organization and code repetition, we came up with a simple project structure built with PyTorch.



CIFAR-10: KNN-based Ensemble of Classifiers

Published in 2016 International Conference on Computational Science and Computational Intelligence, 2016

This paper studies the performance of different classifiers on the CIFAR-10 dataset, and builds an ensemble of classifiers to reach a better performance.

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CS 106: Fundamentals of Computer Science

Teaching Assistant, The American University in Cairo, Department of Computer Science, 2014

This course covers fundamentals of computer science and basics of programming taught in C++ . My role included helping students through labs and office hours.

Coursera’s Deep Learning Specialization

Instructor, Alama Initiative, Egypt, 2018

I volunteered to teach deep learning concepts for a group of 20 undergrad and grad students taking Coursera’s deep-learning specialization following up with their progress throughout the courses. This was done through a student-run initiative called ‘Alama’.

CMPUT 328: Visual Recognition

Teaching Assistant, University of Alberta, Department of Computing Science, 2019

This course covers computer vision tasks with deep learning, taught with PyTorch. My role included teaching a weekly lab on computer vision with deep learning bascis, and preparing the assignments/ quizzes.