CMPUT 656: Interactive Machine Learning

Teaching Assistant, University of Alberta, Department of Computer Science, 2020

The course tackles basics of AI and machine learning systems interacting with one or more humans: material can be found on the website

CMPUT 328: Visual Recognition

Teaching Assistant, University of Alberta, Department of Computing Science, 2019

This course covers computer vision tasks with deep learning, taught with PyTorch. My role included teaching a weekly lab on computer vision with deep learning bascis, and preparing the assignments/ quizzes.

Coursera’s Deep Learning Specialization

Instructor, Alama Initiative, Egypt, 2018

I volunteered to teach deep learning concepts for a group of 20 undergrad and grad students taking Coursera’s deep-learning specialization following up with their progress throughout the courses. This was done through a student-run initiative called ‘Alama’.

CS 106: Fundamentals of Computer Science

Teaching Assistant, The American University in Cairo, Department of Computer Science, 2014

This course covers fundamentals of computer science and basics of programming taught in C++ . My role included helping students through labs and office hours.